Edwards Engineering
House Managing Agency

Founded in 1991

Contact information

Company: Edward's Engineering Oy Ab

Email Address: dick.lundell@edwards.fi
Phone Number: +358 (0)50 - 539 0963 ( 09.00 – 16.00 )
Email Address: edward.lundell@edwards.fi

Street Address: Bulevardi 5 A 7 a, III floor, 00120 Helsinki
Reception Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays ( 09.00 - 11.00 )

Mailing Address:
Edward's Engineering Oy Ab, Bulevardi 5 A 7 a, 00120 Helsinki

About us

Edward´s Engineering Oy Ab was founded in 1991. Dick Lundell is the managing director and the housing manager in charge of the company. The house managing agency has a solid experience in housing management

Special know-How

  • Many years´experience of housing management
  • Experience in administration on concern size
  • Experience in planning of the need renovations
  • Experience of administration and housing management of sheltered homes
  • Rescue plans and protection plans and safety training of the staff

Useful information


Take into consideration that according to law You have to install at least one fire alarm in Your apartment. The number of fire alarms depends on the size of Your apartment.

Renovation of the apartment

We recommend that You contact the housing manager before You start a renovation of Your apartment. Normally You need permissions and inspectations.

Share register marking

Make sure that You have all documents with required entries such as for example endorsement.